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Adult Accompanied Programmes


(1½ – 3 Years)
Once a week  |  1 hour

Fostering self-control and autonomy in two languages at a go

Unlock your child’s linguistic potential with our one-hour Bilingual PlayClub for children aged 18 months to 3 years old. This unique Early Learning Programme is designed primarily to focus on developing early language skills through engaging and interactive activities that include storytelling, drama, music and art. Highly enjoyable, creative experiences such as these, curated to feel as natural as play to toddlers, help develop important social skills and self-awareness in the process of absorbing two languages simultaneously.

Studies of early childhood bilingualism have shown that a child who learns multiple languages at an early age benefits cognitively in a number of ways. Being bilingual boosts brain development, concentration, creativity, problem solving abilities, organisational skills, the ability to multi-task successfully and powers of observation. Exposure to two languages whilst young is also believed to promote empathy, encourage independent thought and provide children with an academic advantage.

In our Bilingual PlayClub your child will:

  • Learn new vocabulary – key concept words in Mandarin; words, letters and sounds in English – building a strong linguistic foundation for future learning.
  • Learn number, shapes and colour concepts.
  • Expand their creativity and imagination by participating in storytelling, drama, music and art activities.
  • Build articulate and expressive communication skills through enjoyable speech work and by exposure to strong language role models.
  • Learn to code switch effortlessly from one language to another in a variety of situations.
  • Improve listening and concentration skills, in addition to developing problem-solving skills, social awareness and increased creativity from early exposure to a second language.

Our specialist educators will guide your child through every interactive session, nurturing an enjoyment of language learning as they explore activities both independently and within a social context. Following a themed play-based curriculum, Bilingual PlayClub welcomes parents and caregivers to learn alongside their child, effortlessly bridging the gap between learning at home and school.

“So far, you are the best. The people are the best staff I have seen − genuine happiness all around. Thank you all.”