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Communication Arts Programmes for Secondary School

Julia Gabriel Centre offers the following programmes for secondary schools:

Teacher training workshops for all the modules listed above are also available.

Please let us know if you would like us to visit your school to discuss how we may complement your curriculum. We are also able to customise programmes for schools based on the needs of students.

Karen Foo

HEAD, Communication Arts Programmes (Schools)

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Communication Skills

One of the most important skills secondary school students need is effective communication. Having an awareness of the purpose of communication, the intended audience and the differing contexts in which we are required to communicate is a distinguishing feature of an effective communicator. We engage students through a variety of activities to speak, listen, question and discuss in a purposeful, meaningful and impactful manner.

As part of this programme, students can be prepared for Trinity College London Communication Skills examinations.

Drama in Action

Poetry and prose are explored through drama activities to encourage students to use their imagination, develop their thinking skills and enjoy using language creatively and expressively.

Students work on text, developing characters and staging and, through teamwork, prepare a performance for peers and/or parents at the end of the course.


Students learn about story structures, characterisation, development of plot and various storytelling strategies. Classes aim to build the students’ ability to present text in Standard English that is both vocally and physically expressive. Creativity and imagination are harnessed as students develop original stories to share with their peers and/or parents. 

Introduction to Debate

This programme gives participants opportunities to expand thinking, to speak confidently on a wide-range of topical and social issues, and to persuade an audience with creative, well-structured arguments. Students hone their persuasive speaking capabilities as they engage in class debates after which they receive adjudication feedback.

Choral Speaking

This programme develops students’ expressive speaking skills as well as enhances their enjoyment of performing and presenting poetry. Through instructions on vocal variety, an understanding and appreciation of character and main ideas in poetry, and through improvisation and drama-based activities, students prepare a choral presentation at the end of programme.

Presentation Skills

Students learn to prepare and present talks and speeches confidently and with enjoyment. The course builds awareness of the differing needs of listeners, enabling students to adapt language and presentation to suit these needs. Students are taught platform techniques and given a range of current topics which they can use for their presentations. These topics can be customised according to the needs of the school.

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