Julia Gabriel

At Julia Gabriel Preschool, we build a foundation​ that sparks a difference for life.

Julia Gabriel

At Julia Gabriel Preschool,
we build a foundation​ that
sparks a difference for life.

Our Story

Where Our Values Begin

Julia Gabriel Education opened their first preschool in 1994 thanks to a demand from our Julia Gabriel Centre parents. 

As children from our PlayClub programme for toddlers became ready for independent nursery school, our parents shared how much they wished we had our own preschool. This was to be a preschool where the values were the same as at Julia Gabriel Centre. Parents were looking for the same commitment to quality, nurturing relationships, a positive and enabling environment, and a respect for individual strengths and learning styles.

Takeover Of Chiltern House Preschool

When the preschool next door to Julia Gabriel Centre became available for takeover, we decided to open a preschool, called Chiltern House. This was named after Julia’s childhood home. We renamed the preschool Julia Gabriel in 2024 to better recognise the link between our Julia Gabriel Centres and the related preschools.

Personalised Education

From the beginning, we have ensured children receive a personalised education. We have always kept class sizes small, to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for each child. We have worked closely with specialists to develop and carry-out a curriculum designed to engage each child in learning and discovery. We believe preschool and all education should look long term: must not be short-sighted – it must prepare children for both school and life. It has been our pleasure to watch our preschool graduates move into a wide variety of areas of education and careers with confidence and success.

We always appreciate hearing how our Julia Gabriel alumni are doing, whether they are in primary school, secondary school, university or registering their own child for one of our programmes!

Ask an Expert

With a wide range of programmes available, we are home to a large number of educational specialists and developmental experts. We are happy to share our experience and support you in your parenting journey.

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