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Communication Arts Programmes in Schools

Today’s learners need to be equipped with skills that will enable them to succeed in the complex, competitive, technology-driven society and economy of the 21st Century.

Students who embody the effective skills of purposeful communication, collaboration, active listening, creative and critical thinking, complex problem-solving and responsible decision-making are empowered to face the future with confidence.

Julia Gabriel Centre has been taking communication skills and speech and drama programmes into schools in Singapore – including preschools, primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges – since 1995. The demand for our programmes grew as a result of positive feedback from students of all ages, who enjoyed the highly engaging lessons conducted by our team of specialist teachers.

The development of speech communication skills through our carefully structured programmes, embodying our unique EduDrama® methodology, helps students build awareness and techniques required for good Standard English speech. Students move progressively towards mastery, building confidence and enjoyment of communication, presentation and performance.

We value parents and schools as partners in a child’s education and have been working closely with our school partners to enable this collaboration. Our team of experienced and qualified specialist trainers aid in delivering our original and progressive curriculum based on the needs of the schools and in ensuring continuous acquisition and growth of skills at each level.

For more details of our Communication Arts Programmes in Schools please contact the following staff:

Karen Foo

HEAD, Communication Arts Programmes (Preschool)

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