Positive Discipline

The path to a deeper connection with your child and a more enjoyable way to live! It is ironic that the word ‘discipline’ stems from the Latin word ‘disciplina’ meaning instruction or knowledge (also found in the Latin word ‘discipulus’, one who learns), yet the modern verb ‘to discipline’ carries such negative connotations, conjuring up the concept of punishment, belittling correction […]

Are you an Over Protective Parent?

“Just as learning a sport demands years of practice, so does learning to handle life’s setbacks.”  – Karen Karbo, Why Being Less Protective Is Better for Your Kids The world can seem a scary place when you are a small child navigating your surroundings. Stepping outside of your usual environment, discovering something new can feel daunting […]

Ask an Expert

With a wide range of programmes available, we are home to a large number of educational specialists and developmental experts. We are happy to share our experience and support you in your parenting journey.

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