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It has undoubtedly been a year of upheaval for everyone. Here within the Stage Lights family at Julia Gabriel Centre, we faced the cancellation of our live show, ‘Myths and Legends’, in May. The students had created their own stories based on various myths and legends from around the world and were in the midst of rehearsing for the show. 

What you’re seeing today is a product of much innovation, passion, dedication and a sense of possibility from our whole team of performers, their families and staff. 

After months of hard work, we bring to you, with pride, five short films based on our original scripts. Presenting, Trojan Horse, Bukit Merah, El Yaguara, The River Conwy Afanc and The House of the Watcher.

Enjoy the shows!


Stage Lights, Sat 9:00AM 

Based on the popular Greek legend, this purposefully silly and unrealistic story follows the long and seemingly endless battle between the Trojans and the Greeks. We follow the story as the two sides retreat and re-strategise within their camps. We see the Greeks devise a tactful plan of presenting the Trojans with a giant hollow wooden horse as a gift of surrender while secretly infiltrating their city with soldiers hidden inside, eventually resulting in the Greeks winning the war.



Stage Lights, Sat 11:00AM 

Based on the Singaporean legend of ‘Red Hill’ (Bukit Merah) and how the area got its name, this is a story about a village of struggling fisher folk, who are attacked by a school of swordfish when they attempt to fish further out at sea. Their struggles are compounded by an unsympathetic royal leadership that continues to tax them relentlessly. When a young village girl called Nadimah comes up with an ingenious plan to block the swordfish and simultaneously kill them, she is hailed by the villagers as wise and as having potential to be future Queen. When the royal family learns of this, they feel threatened and order the murder of young Nadimah.


Stage Lights, Sat 1:00PM

Based on the South American myth about jaguars and their tense relationship with human beings, this story takes us back to a time when these majestic big cats were sophisticated and human beings were highly uncivilised. The kind jaguars adopted the helpless humans and taught them how to hunt, cook and even read and write! Over time however, the humans grew greedy and jealous of the jaguars. They eventually attacked the sophisticated jaguars in their sleep and took possession of their weapons, laying claim to their language and lifestyle, leading to life as we know it today.


Stage Lights, Sat 4:00PM

Based on the Welsh myth about a water monster known as the Afanc that lived in the River Conwy, this story is told as a flashback by a lady called Gwenda to a group of playful, wandering children. Gwenda narrates the tale of the deadly Afanc, how it terrorised the villagers and how a brave young girl dared to confront it. This young girl mesmerised the Afanc and made the monster fall asleep with a beautiful lullaby, enabling the villagers to bind the creature in chains, drag it up the valley and trap it in a lake where it would cause no more harm.


Stage Lights Teens, Fri 7:00PM

Inspired by the spooky tale of ‘The Matilda House’ in Punggol, Singapore, this film tells the story of a pragmatic and confident young man, Vishal, who insists on buying a piece of untouched property in spite of many people in the local community warning him about an entity called ‘The Watcher’ that haunts the house. As the story unfolds, we see his sister, Rhea, gradually shift sides as she learns more about the community’s reverence for this entity. It eventually leads to multiple confrontations and the revelation of The Watcher and Vishal’s mysterious fate.

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