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Adult Training Programmes

At Julia Gabriel Centre, we believe each individual is exceptional.

Adult Training Programmes

The Julia Gabriel School of Education is the adult-training division of Julia Gabriel Centre.

The Julia Gabriel School of Education grew as a result of interest from parents, teachers and professionals in Julia Gabriel Centre’s educational methodology. We run courses that lead up to teaching certification as well as workshops for adults in the fields of speech and drama, public speaking and communication skills, parenting and working with children, and early childhood education. In February 2022, we launched a Learning Management System (LMS) to promote blended learning where students enjoy the flexibility of self-guided learning with strong support from our training and administrative teams.

With more than two decades of providing a variety of high quality training, we also run workshops for outside organisations such as schools (preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, post-secondary schools and enrichment centres), companies and public bodies.

We continuously strive to maintain lifelong learning as a key focus, along with developing the early childcare industry.

If you would like to find out more about Julia Gabriel School of Education’s workshops or programmes, you can contact us at:

Tel: 6496 9405