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Adult Training Programmes


Course Commencement

Commencing on Wednesday 12th July (7.00 pm) at Julia Gabriel Centre, Forum. Running through to the end of August, there will be a mixture of Wednesday evening sessions at Julia Gabriel Centre or Wednesday evening online sessions in some weeks, and tasks for participants to complete in their own time at home in other weeks. 

Understanding children involves consistently reflecting on their holistic development. Join us for a 6-week programme to learn about the milestones and stages of a child’s development, from prenatal to the age of 8, highlighting development in social, emotional, physical and cognitive areas. We link theory to practice with discussions and reflection. We also explore what may be ‘red flags’ (indicators that a child may not be necessarily following a typical developmental path). Participants in the course also develop observation and interpretation skills to effectively gather information about a child in order to support learning and development.

The programme is conducted through a mixture of in-person sessions at Julia Gabriel Centre, online sessions, clinic sessions and guided tasks for participants to complete at home.

This course is Module 1 of the Julia Gabriel Initial Certificate (Child Learning & Development) programme. It is also open to anyone who is interested in learning about how children develop.

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