(6 – 12 Years / Primary 1 to 6)
Becoming confident readers and writers
Carefully structured to help children succeed in school and meet the standards expected of lower-primary students by the Singapore Ministry of Education, Readers and Writers focus on key literacy skills such as comprehension and composition through a text-type approach with an increasing emphasis on written responses to stories. Our students are also gradually guided through creative, composition and functional writing to develop enthusiasm for writing and to build their confidence as writers.
In Think N’Ink, our Primary 1-5 students will gain the following key skills:

  • Cognitive Skills: Read a wide variety of age-appropriate genres and texts for fluency and increased understanding
  • Creative Skills: Reflect on and write responses to stories with increasing description and detail, create different endings to stories
  • Critical-thinking Skills: Use a range of strategies to predict and check, develop lateral and inferential thinking to support comprehension, book and author reviews
  • Literacy Skills: Increase awareness of grammar, sentence structure and punctuation, and the writing process (e.g. different elements of a story)
  • Vocabulary Skills: be exposed to a variety of texts for range of thematic vocabulary
  • Writing Skills: Encourage range of writing contexts: creative, composition and functional writing

Our Primary 6 Think N’Ink students will learn specific skills to ease their transition into secondary school education. This includes:

  • Life skills: learning strategies to succeed in the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE), develop own style of creative writing
  • Critical-Thinking Skills: analyze characters, infer meaning, evaluate, interpret content critically, learn to confidently answer multiple-choice and comprehension questions and cloze passages
  • Cognitive Skills: learn how to map a story, understand elements of story
  • Literacy Skills: learn the distinctions in reading and writing for different purposes, including stories, composition and reports
  • Vocabulary & Grammar Skills: Read a range of chapter books with increasing fluency and understanding, use a wide range of age-appropriate vocabulary, understand and apply the correct and accurate tenses and key elements of grammar with increasing complexity
  • Writing Skills: Explore different genres of writing, proof-reading, peer and self-editing and publishing, develop own style of creative writing

The focus for each primary level Think N’Ink is customized according to the needs of our students as well as to the meet the standards expected of lower-primary students by the Singapore Ministry of Education. Call 6733 4322 to ask for details on the Think N’Ink curriculum for the respective levels.
“My child is attending the Readers and Writers Primary 1 class. He enjoys going to the class and looks forward to it weekly. The class is lively and interactive where the children exchange and share their ideas freely. The children are exposed to various forms of literature and each story teaches the children different forms of values. Khatijah is encouraging and caring towards her students. The teacher’s delivery and cohesive learning environment make the lesson appealing.”