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At Julia Gabriel Centre, we believe each individual is exceptional.

Drama & Communication Programmes

STAGE LIGHTS   A Performance Arts Programme

(6 – 12 Years / Primary 1 – 6)

Experience the thrill, joy and excitement of performing before a live audience

Stage Lights is for primary school students with an interest and desire to perform. Designed to simulate a real theatre company, Stage Lights offers our students an opportunity to experience the process of planning and preparing for a performance. While doing so, our students learn to unleash their innate creative flair and expression, and also how to collaborate in ensemble productions.   

Stage Lights develops 3 core stagecraft disciplines:  

  • Acting and improvisation. 
  • Movement and choreography. 
  • Vocal expression an interpretation of text. 

Stage Lights does more than give students the ability to perform on stage confidently. It also gives them skills which are essential for life such as creativity, the capacity to express their thoughts and opinions, communicate effectively and engage with others positively. The programme provides an opportunity to be empathetic towards others and feel what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes. The need to learn lines and remember sequences for a performance improves memory and, by learning how important it is to behave in a professional manner while preparing for a show, participants develop a sense of calm and self-control.

In addition to participating in performances, Stage Lights students also progress through Trinity College London’s Performance Arts syllabus to get accreditation for the work they do as performers.

Stage Lights students will:  

  • Develop individual creativity and expression in an environment of trust and security. 
  • Gain experience in collaborating for ensemble productions. 
  • Learn to skilfully combine the use of voice, body and the performance space to fully engage an audience. 

“Above all, Stage Lights has given our students the chance to have fun, build bonds of friendship and a sense of purpose.” 

“The class here is something I look forward to every week, because of my class and my teacher. It’s a great way to learn to be myself and be exposed to more literature.”  
“I’ve been attending classes at Julia Gabriel Centre since 2010. I have learnt many skills that have improved my performance skills greatly. With my mentor’s guidance, I became confident with myself and with my public speaking and acting capabilities.”