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Drama & Communication Programmes



Communication & Presentation Skills classes guide students to accomplish tasks which enhance their ability to engage with analytical and critical thoughts, and to persuade, negotiate and explain ideas logically and with clarity. Students learn to listen with care, speak with clarity and understanding, and distinguish between informative and persuasive speaking. They also learn to use an appropriate range of verbal and non-verbal skills for effective communication in a variety of situations and to understand how information, ideas and opinions can be effectively presented to an audience. Students are guided to deliver detailed presentations using a variety of visual aids, and encouraged to use spoken language more vividly and powerfully.

Our Communication & Presentation Skills programme for secondary school-level students includes: 

  • Presentation skills:  Students learn to express their thoughts and opinions with increasing confidence, and to make effective speeches and presentations for a variety of purposes and different audiences. 
  • Expressive speaking:  Students work on presenting literature to enhance their ability to speak expressively. 
  • Discussion skills:  Listening and questioning skills are developed as students engage and respond to each other in active discussions. 
  • Persuasive skills:  Students learn to engage an audience, structure and present logical arguments, and develop confidence in questioning others and responding to questions. 

Students progress through the intermediate and advanced grades (Grades 4 – 8) of the Trinity College London Communication Skills syllabus. 

“The class has equipped me with a variety of presentation skills which have helped me present my ideas for projects in front of the classroom more confidently. I have particularly enjoyed the debate sessions which helped me to sharpen my skills to think on my feet.”