(4 – 6 Years / Kindergarten 1 and 2)
Fostering a love of reading and writing through experiential learning

Through experiential learning, Let’s Read and Write focuses on skills to improve both oral and written expression, namely communication, listening, literacy, cognitive, fine-motor and creative skills. By working with carefully selected literature from both fiction and non-fiction, our students develop an interest in reading and writing from a very young age.

In Let’s Read & Write, our students will:

  • Develop an interest in books and reading
  • Communication Skills: talk about stories with confidence
  • Listening Skills: Learn how to understand and follow verbal and written instructions
  • Literacy Skills: Read age-appropriate stories, Build up awareness about language structure and awareness, phonics, vocabulary building, basic punctuation conventions, recognize and spell high-frequency words
  • Cognitive Skills: Respond to questions confidently, Recount important parts of a story, Complete cloze passages
  • Fine-Motor Skills: Learn about hand-writing and beginning spelling
  • Creative Skills: Create a response to a story with pictures or text

“The Readers and Writers programme at Julia Gabriel Centre helped Amaatra excel at the writer’s workshop she has at her school. Amaatra always gets great comments for her writing and illustration from her school teachers. The personal attention she got from her teachers at Julia Gabriel Centre has encouraged Amaatra to discover her love for reading, writing and expressing herself!”