(2 – 4 Years / Nursery 1 and 2)
Opening up a world of language
I Love Reading is a reading readiness programme to motivate young children to discover the world of print through participation in drama activities that enables each child to develop stronger oral vocabulary. Based on Julia Gabriel’s very own creation, the Alphabet Zoo Book and characters, I Love Reading is a beginning exposure that enables children to experience language holistically, heightening their literacy skills.
In I Love Reading, our students will gain the following key skills:

  • Reading Skills: Learn to read with their peers individually and with the teacher
  • Phonic & Reading Skills: recognize and name all the letters of the alphabet, sight words, use of picture cues through the use of Alphabet Zoo – a Julia Gabriel original
  • Communication Skills: Learn to respond and retell stories orally in their own words with confidence
  • Social Skills: Learn to share and play co-operatively, and how to borrow books independently to read at home with an adult
  • Communication Skills: Develop and use simple vocabulary to express themselves
  • Fine Motor Skills: Develop fine motor skills (e.g. learn how to hold a pencil correctly to draw and form letters and words), and learn how to sort and classify things (e.g. shapes, colours and objects)

“The teachers are really special and make a real effort to connect with each child.”