For over thirty years, Julia Gabriel has positively impacted the lives of many children across the region with programmes anchored in our trademarked EduDrama® methodology. The Julia Gabriel brand is reputable, and one that is known for providing excellence in education for students as young as 6 months to adult learners. 

The Julia Gabriel Education partnership provides opportunities to take a vibrant curriculum for children aged 6 months to 6 years to both local and overseas markets. Partnerships can take the form of franchise opportunities that provide partners with a tried and tested approach to running a preschool under the Julia Gabriel Education brand, or licensed programmes conducted under the partner’s own brand.

We invite you to join the Julia Gabriel family to Empower Learners With Skills For Life, Through Dramatically Different Education.


The Julia Gabriel Preschool curriculum has been tried and tested in Singapore and in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and India. It offers holistic education with a strong focus on nurturing confidence, creativity, communication and collaboration in all our students. 

At Julia Gabriel Preschool, we believe that learning must be a positive lifelong process. To achieve this, we work closely with our partners to:

  • Ensure there is a warm, friendly and stimulating learning environment, filled with love and laughter
  • Celebrate and respect each individual as a unique and valued member of our school community
  • Value, support and work with the family as partners in education 
  • See parents, teachers and peers as influential role models and sources for learning
  • Promote positive self-esteem and self-confidence through sensitive and responsive interactions
  • Value play as the primary mode of learning through which children develop mastery of their world
  • Provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum, valuing the processes of learning through integrated experiences.
  • Provide optimum care from dedicated professionals who seek to build trusting relationships with each child and their family
  • Regularly evaluate programmes and outcomes to ensure they are relevant to the evolving needs of the individual and community
  • Provide an efficient management and administration system to support the childcare environment and family needs


The Julia Gabriel Franchise provides partners with curriculum across five levels for children 18 months to 6 years old. Partners can also choose to offer Early Learning Programmes such as PlayNest and PlayClub, available in both English and Mandarin, if demand for adult-accompanied programmes is strong in their country. 

Training is provided by the Julia Gabriel School of Education, and covers all functions from teaching to enrolment and centre administration. This ensures that partners are well supported in the running of a preschool.  

Partners are also provided access to student management and learning management systems to facilitate the administrative and training requirements of a preschool.


Partners who prefer to conduct programmes under their own brand can explore licensing opportunities for preschool, or English and Mandarin enrichment programmes offered by any of the three brands under Julia Gabriel Education. 

Partners who wish to experience the benefits of EduDrama® methodology in their schools or enrichment centres can also work with us to develop a customized training and development plan to achieve a Julia Gabriel EduDrama® accreditation.



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