Primary 1 – 6 Camp | A Performing Arts Holiday Camp

3 pm – 6 pm

That’s what storytellers do, we restore order with imagination. We instil hope again and again. – Walt Disney
In the corners of our minds, lie stories passed down through oral traditions from generation to generation. There are stories that have travelled across the ages binding people with their magical tapestry.
In this five-day performing arts workshop, we will explore some of the most fascinating folk tales from around the world, finally choosing one to bring to life on stage. Our budding thespians will script and prepare a short play about their chosen tale, which they will perform for an audience on the last day of this dramatic adventure. Along the way, the performers will maintain a video journal of the processes they are involved in, which will culminate in a short post-production video for the students to take away and treasure as a memento.
If you love stories, if you are excited to explore and dramatise folk tales, and if you cannot wait to unleash your hidden performing skills, join us for this engaging, performing arts holiday camp, where stories will come alive!
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