(Nursery 1)
Promoting initiative and independence
By the time your child turns 3, your child is moving out of babyhood and into childhood. Your child will become more curious about new experiences and new environments, and will want to explore them on their own.
Introducing… Stepping Stones! Stepping Stones is a Nursery 1 adult-accompanied programme that creates a warm, supportive environment for our children to make the transition to independence. Focusing on developing the “whole” child through instilling independence and social/life skills, academic skills, creativity and motivation for lifelong learning, children in our Stepping Stones programme learn through drama, music, movement and speech work.
In Stepping Stones, our students will:

  • Build confidence and learn how to communicate with others in Sharing Time – when children share things of a personal interest with the rest of the class
  • Be introduced to Letters & sounds: learning and practicing the sounds and letters of the English language through our careful blend of sound games and speech exercises each week
  • Refine their sense of rhythm and speech intonation that is essential to the English language through our unique curriculum that uses musical instruments and poetry

“Excellent teachers, interesting and engaging activities, very creative art and craft sessions, and great music, songs and storytelling. I am learning with my son and from your teachers as well!”