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Drama & Communication Programmes

STAGE LIGHTS   A Performance Arts Programme

(13 – 18 Years / Teens)

Experience the thrill, joy and excitement of performing before a live audience

Stage Lights Teens caters for students between the ages of 13 and 18. It is a unique programme for youth who wish to act and simultaneously gain a holistic understanding of stagecraft.

Stage Lights Teens offers students an opportunity to experience the process of planning and preparing for a performance. Participants learn to unleash their individual creative flair and expression, whilst collaborating as part of an ensemble production.

Besides performing, Stage Lights Teens is designed to involve everyone in all aspects of production, including scriptwriting, lighting, sound, costumes, make-up, props and set design.

Stage Lights Teens students will:

  • Understand and practise effective physical and vocal expression

  • Create original content to perform on stage

  • Participate in theatre production workshops

  • Watch professional productions and engage in discussion and analyses

  • Practise self-reflection 

As well as participating in major performances twice a year, Stage Lights Teens students can choose to attend supplementary individual sessions and receive additional guidance as they progress through Trinity College London’s Performance Arts syllabus, gaining accreditation for their work as performers following assessment.