(Secondary and Post-Secondary Students)
Expressive and masterful use of voice and speech
In our teens’ speech and drama classes, students develop expressive and masterful use of voice and speech. They build an interest and appreciation of literature of various styles and genres and learn to present different types of material including poetry, prose and drama extracts. A mature understanding of the quality, form and content of performance pieces is honed as students learn to combine skilful and appropriate use of voice, body and space to engage their audience to convey complexity and range of meaning in mood, atmosphere, emotion and characterisation of the material they are presenting.
Speech and Drama for Teens includes:

  • Voice and speech work
  • Improvisation: Creative impromptu responses to a given stimulus.
  • Mime: Students learn to use their bodies and facial expressions to convey emotions, thoughts and events creatively.
  • Expressive speaking: Sight-reading skills and expressive vocal techniques are developed as students read aloud and present different forms of literature.
  • Storytelling: Narrative and character voices and awareness of story structures are developed through presenting original stories.
  • Presentation skills: Students learn about different form of presentation and develop their confidence in presenting themselves to an audience.

Students progress through the intermediate and advanced grades (Grades 4 – 8) of the Trinity College London Speech and Drama syllabus.
“The class here is something I look forward to every week, because of my class and my teacher. It’s a great way to learn to be myself and be exposed to more literature.”
“I’ve been attending Speech and Drama classes since 2010. I have learnt many skills that have improved my performance skills greatly. With my mentor’s guidance, I became confident with myself and with my public speaking and acting capabilities.”