Julia Gabriel Centre offers the following programmes for primary schools.
Drama in Action
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Poetry and prose are explored through drama activities to encourage students to use their imagination, develop their thinking skills and enjoy using language creatively and expressively.
This programme culminates in a performance for peers and/or parents at the end of the course.
Schools can also opt to register students for Choral Speaking examinations with Trinity College London.
Readers’ Theatre
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Students’ reading fluency and vocal expression are improved through group reading exercises and language exploration. The course culminates in a presentation to peers and/or parents, which builds confidence in presentation skills, encourages teamwork and develops performance skills.


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Students learn about story structures, characterisation, development of plot and various storytelling strategies. Classes aim to build the students’ ability to present text in Standard English that is both vocally and physically expressive. Creativity and imagination are harnessed as students develop original stories to share with their peers and/or parents.

Speech and Drama
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Speech and Drama allows students to build confidence and self-esteem, and to master the techniques necessary for effective communication of the spoken word. Classes build the students’ command of Standard English, promote enjoyment of language in all its forms, and produce students who are vocally and physically expressive, with speech that is clear, colourful and individual.
Schools can also opt to register students for group drama examinations with Trinity College London.

Presentation Skills
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Students learn to prepare and present talks and speeches confidently and with enjoyment. The course builds awareness of the differing needs of listeners, enabling students to adapt language and presentation to suit these needs.
Schools can also opt to register students for Communication Skills (Group) examinations with Trinity College London.

Basic Debating Skills
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This programme gives participants opportunities to expand thinking, to speak confidently on a wide range of topical and social issues, and to persuade an audience with creative, well-structured arguments.

Oral English Preparation
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This course provides support for students to help them understand, prepare for and cope with the demands of the revised PSLE English Oral Examination. Students work on the skills they need to think purposefully, building techniques for clear thinking and expressive reading and speaking.

Teacher training workshops for the above courses are also available.
Please let us know if you would like us to visit your school to discuss how we may complement your curriculum.
You can contact the following staff at our centre:
Shyamala Menon
Manager of School Programmes and Senior Teacher
Tel: 6496 9433