Julia Gabriel Centre has worked with various kindergarten and childcare centres over several years to bring our Speech and Drama programme to children from all backgrounds and help meet the specific needs of these students.
We teach our skills through the exciting medium of drama, through a love of poetry, the use of imagination, an enjoyment of rhythm and sound, story-making, idea-sharing, problem-solving and group dynamics. This creates confidence, fosters Standard English pronunciation, encourages a love for reading and an increase in vocabulary, builds team rapport and promotes enjoyment in learning for all students.
We encourage each child to become a unique individual, helping them master the skills they will need to communicate in a competitive world.
The following activities are covered in our Speech & Drama classes:
• Physical, vocal and imaginative warm-ups
• Story, book and poem sharing
• Language dynamics
• Sharing and presenting news, information and ideas
• Voice, speech and pronunciation exercises
• Exploring poetry
• Communication skills
• Creative drama and improvisation

Nurturing Self-Discovery
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At this stage in their journey to becoming self-assured, happy individuals, we motivate children to reach beyond their boundaries to discover and develop initiative and independence. These qualities and the language and communication skills that underpin them epitomise successful self-leaders.
Nursery Speech & Drama classes involve language in action through stories and characters that engage children using our hand-picked collection of literature. Roleplay and pretend-play fosters imagination, problem-solving, verbal physical and social skills. Conversation, acting rhymes, storybooks, poems, puppets and songs are all designed to focus attention on how language works, using educative as well as natural forms of drama learning.
Fostering Self-Knowledge
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On the path to readiness for primary school, children must develop self-knowledge. Becoming self-aware and understanding their own abilities are key developmental milestones that lead to a healthy concept of ‘self’. It is knowledge that defines the drive and confidence of successful self-leaders.
Our kindergarten-level classes are based on storybooks and poems that appeal to children’s interests at this stage, while guiding them towards broader needs for school and life. The classes explore topics using language and literacy naturally and purposefully, to connect and support thinking, talking, listening and reading. Our teachers nurture connection, collaboration and acceptance of children’s ideas and emotions, as students create and extend drama activities to try out their abilities in different roles.

Please let us know if you would like us to visit your kindergarten or centre to discuss how we may complement your curriculum.
You can contact the following staff at our centre:
Karen Foo
Manager of Preschool Programmes
Tel: 6493 9439