Primary 3 – 5 Camp

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Tampines Mall
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“Behind every mask, there is a face, and behind that a story.” – Marty Rubin
Melly A’Maze, a notable art historian and mask collector, has just received a collection of ancient masks unearthed in Singapore. The Singapore History Museum has tasked Melly to research the masks and uncover the stories behind them.
An expert in her field, from the masks of Africa to the masks of France, Brazil and Venice – as well as surgical masks, superhero masks and carnival masks – Melly is familiar with them all. But these recently discovered ancient artefacts have her well and truly stumped!
What are their origins? What were they used for? How did these masks alter the culture of the countries they came from? And how did they arrive on the shores of Singapore?
Join Melly as she ventures to different countries to solve the mystery of the masks. You will create a historical fact file documenting monologues, pictures, poems, stories and news reports as you unravel their identity. Finally, you will prepare the masks, and your findings, for an exhibition at the Singapore History Museum, to be presented on the last day of this grand, dramatic adventure!
Are you ready to contribute to this significant exhibition which may change the way masks are viewed in Singapore?
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