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5 weeks of 15 Videos and Art Pack for ages 1.5 to 3 years

There is no place like home! For young children, home is where many positive bonding experiences take place! It is where young children find familiarity, comfort, security, warmth and love.

Home is a wondrous place to be
The place where I can be so free
With my mummy and my daddy
Right next to me
Let me remember this time wonderfully! 

In this weekly learning pack, the three video segments centre around house and home, working together to build your child’s learning and pique their natural curiosity. 

Storytelling Videos – Julia Gabriel Centre educators use EduDrama®, our unique teaching methodology that promotes a dramatically different approach to learning, to tell curated and comforting stories in ways that are the most meaningful to young ones.

Drama Videos – Our teachers will use performance and role-play to help children understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of some familiar situations they often find themselves in at home. Through their own enthusiasm and energy, your child will feel inspired to join in.

Music and Movement Videos – Our specialist educators inspire and stimulate young children’s natural sense of rhythm through their own passion and enthusiasm for what they do. And they would love you to join in too! Why not let your hair down and sing out loud with your little ones, as they experience the joy of expressing themselves through song and dance!


The learning pack will comprise of a storytelling video, a drama video and a music video. You will receive one learning pack every week for 5 weeks. We encourage you to set aside a special time each week to enjoy these with your child!

Creative Art Pack – As an exclusive add on and limited to 100 sets only, our teachers have created an art pack where you will find all the materials you need to get little hands busy with activities relating to the Home Sweet Home Learning Pack. 

All these elements combine to form a joyful experience for your child, one that fosters loving bonds and happy hearts, mixed with a dash of fun and laughter. 

Here is an opportunity to connect and create meaningful memories with your child to remember that home is truly where the heart is! 


Home Sweet Home 15 Videos + Creative Art Pack = $ 65 + GST
Home Sweet Home 15 Videos = $ 50 + GST

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