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5 weeks of 15 Videos and Art Pack for ages 1.5 to 3 years

Food is one of the first discoveries children make about the world around them. Exploring a variety of culinary textures and flavours offers an endless source of exploration and interest, ensuring that food is a wonderful platform for learning for every child.

Food in my tummy
Yummy yummy yummy!
Tangy and sour, salty and sweet,
Fruit and vegetables, dairy and meat!
Lots of food for me to try,
So much to learn from food! Oh my!

Join our educators for a buffet of play-based activities that will keep your child engaged and entertained throughout! This ‘delicious’ programme includes:

Storytelling Videos – Julia Gabriel Centre celebrates food in all its wonderful forms. Carefully selected stories, animatedly performed by our dedicated teachers, will captivate the imagination of your child and entice their taste buds.

Drama Videos – Children relate to and shape their understanding of food in ideas and thoughts as our educators help them explore the colourful connections of edible goodies through drama. Teachers will lead children through an exciting culinary journey that’s bound to turn into a truly ‘yummy’ experience!

Music and Movement Videos – Music naturally invigorates and nourishes the minds of little ones. We will complete this enticing experience by singing and dancing wholeheartedly to lively and well-loved tunes!


The weekly learning pack comprises 3 segments: a storytelling video, a drama video and a music and movement video.

We will send you one learning pack every week for five weeks. We encourage you to set aside a special time each week to enjoy these activities with your child.

Creative Art PackAs an exclusive add on, we have also put together a special creative art pack for your children that revolves around the theme of food. It encourages your children to engage in making artistic choices, while allowing their little hands to get busy! We provide you with everything you need to enjoy this process. Limited only to 100 sets!

With a dash of imagination, a sprinkling of humour, and a generous measure of dramatic fun, we combine these ingredients to form an irresistible educational pack your child will love!


Food Glorious Food 15 Videos + Creative Art Pack = $ 65 + GST
Food Glorious Food 15 Videos = $ 50 + GST

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