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Adult Training Programmes

A Child’s World

This is a course which focuses on child development and early learning to help adults to better understand children. Taught by senior early childhood educators from Julia Gabriel Centre and Chiltern House Preschool, the course teaches participants about the physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional development of children from birth through to the age of 8. Participants develop awareness and sensitivity to children’s needs, learn what to expect from children as they grow, and discover how to create a warm and secure learning environment while helping children reach their full potential.

Course Content:

  • Holistic development of young children. 
  • Understanding child development theories and practices. 
  • Prenatal development and its impact on children’s development. 
  • Working with infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary schoolers. 
  • The effective use of observation techniques and tools. 
  • Understanding multiple intelligences and learning styles for programme planning. 
  • Discovering the importance of nurturing creativity in young children. 
  • Exploring aspects of additional needs. 

The 12-week course involves one 2½-hour evening session each week.

The course acts as a bridging course to the Julia Gabriel Foundation Teaching Certificate (Speech & Drama) programme for individuals who do not have an early childhood education background, and is also open to anyone who wants to develop their understanding of how young children learn and grow.

Eligible for Skills Development Fund (SDF) and SkillsFuture Credit 

Course Code: CRS-N-0022867

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