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Our Teachers

Gifted, dedicated and passionate educators
Our Teachers

Our Approach

Julia Gabriel Centre encourages its teaching staff to express their “best self” in any way, big and small. Each teacher infuses their class with enthusiasm and creativity, interpreting the curriculum in a which that will bring out the best in the children.




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Julia Gabriel Centre’s EduPlay teachers are all trained in pre-school teaching, and are uniquely energetic, sensitive and warm individuals who love and relate well to little ones. They are sensitive to the needs of young children and work closely with parents.
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Our specialist teachers are chosen for their background in the arts or education, high standards of Standard English and the ability to motivate children. Our talented and diverse team come from all over the world.
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Mandarin Teachers

Our Mandarin team is staffed with teachers trained in China and Taiwan and are Standard Mandarin speakers. They all appreciate the fact that, for most of our children, Mandarin is a second language, so motivating students to use the language is very important: language learning must be fun!

What People Say About Us

“My family went on vacation in Europe recently for two weeks. Siyang had a healthy curiosity on the new sights and sounds encountered, enjoying thoroughly our trip through Bavaria, Austria and northern Italy. In Vienna, she was particularly interested in the Museum of Art History with its extensive Egyptian collection, asking many questions on the exhibits of mummies, sarcophagus, sculptures and paintings. In Venice, she naturally took a great interest in the gondolas. In particular she made sketches of gondolas especially one exhibited in the Doge's Palace. She also took three gondola ferry rides after overcoming an initial fear of riding in a rocking boat.

Siyang's classes have added tremendously to her curiosity, ability to express herself and creativity.

Thank you!”

Dr Su Guaning, parent of an EduDrama student
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