10, 15 and 20 Year Club


Our teachers and staff love being at Julia Gabriel as much as the children do. In recognition of our dedicated teachers who have been with Julia Gabriel Centre for at least ten to fifteen (or more) years, we have the Ten, Fifteen and Twenty Year Club!

All staff, at every level, are valued and recognised for their long term contribution to the company. Traditionally, as a gesture of appreciation for each member’s dedication and commitment to the company (their work, colleagues, students and students’ parents), Club members are celebrated at each Vision Day gathering, which takes place twice a year. Staff who complete either ten years or fifteen years exactly in that year are welcomed into the ‘Ten, Fifteen and Twenty Year Club’ with a token gift and a hearty round of applause.

Over the years, we have watched new staff grow in knowledge, experience and self-confidence, some joining as trainee teachers, to become Company Leaders today. Supporting and nurturing our colleagues, in all aspects of our lifelong learning journey, remains at the heart of the Julia Gabriel Family of Services philosophy. As a result, the ‘Ten, Fifteen and Twenty Year Club’ continues to expand, with new staff welcomed every year.
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What Our Staff Say:

  • Julia Gabriel is more than an organisation for me. When I look at the Julia Gabriel Group, I see family. People that I stand by, and more so, people who have stood by me, encouraged me and helped me grow, not just as a professional, but as a person. For me, this is family; and this is what makes them special.

    There is no one like us. People have left us for better jobs and better pay. But many returned, because they missed the spirit of who we are. This place seems to give people a sense of belonging and purpose. It has for me. It’s been close to 20 years since I joined the company. Will I ever leave? In the words of poet, John Ciardi: “Some night, Some day, I might, I may. But right now, I think I’ll stay.”


    William Royston, Head of Performing Arts
  • Julia Gabriel Education is not a conventional organisation, we work together as a family.  We care about each other, no matter what position you are in.  We nurture relationships based on respect and understanding.  We value each other and achieve goals together.

    I have learnt a lot in the past 10 years from my job and from the people I work with.  I like my job because it offers me the opportunity to learn and grow.


    Marinda Ko, Corporate Administration Manager
  • The organisation was run by Julia and previously David Gabriel at the time I first started. These two great leaders were my greatest inspiration. Julia is a woman of great inner strength and she has the kindest heart. She led the company “her way” which made followers and turned them into great inspiring leaders and individuals as well. There is love and compassion, flexibility and understanding. The organisation is special because we lead with compassion. Compassion is our x factor. 

    This is a second home to me. Here is where I came out of my shell, discovered my individuality and learnt how to lead a life with different personalities and to acknowledge the differences as well as the embrace the beauty in them. I am like a child here. I quarrel, laugh, share, confide, love and have fun with my colleagues every other day. It is the best place to grow, learn, teach and stay.


    Joyce, Senior Programme Consultant